Introduction: Knex Base Gun

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hey guys this is my knex base gun. also guys i would just like to say that this my first instructable so could you be nice about the comments please.

parts list:




yellow: 15


white: 14

green: 14


Connector 5-way Yellow: 23

Connector 4-way Green: 10

Connector 3-way Red: 11

Connector 2-way straight Orange: 28

Connector 2-way grey: 8

Connector 4-way 3D Silver: 4

Connector 7-way 3D Mid blue : 4


Clip with Hole end Purple: 21

Hinge - Blue half : 6

y- clip : 5

tan clip : 9

Step 1: The Barrel

build this

Step 2: Aiming Mechanism

build this

Step 3: The Base

build this

Step 4: The Front Protection

this protects the gun

Step 5: The Side Protection

build two of these

Step 6: Slide Mechanism

this allows you to slide the barrel forward

Step 7: Aiming Lock

this locks the aiming mechanism to specific place you want

Step 8: Final Build

connect slide mechanism to the base ( make sure that the slide mechanism is at the back of the base).

connect the barrel to the slide mechanism ( look at picture 1 above). connect the aiming mechanism to the base ( look at picture above).

connect aiming mechanism to base and barrel (look at picture 2 above).

connect front and back protection to base (look at picture 3).

to connect the aiming lock, you connect the red connector with green rod to yellow connector that has a blue rod connected to it, you then feed both of them out from the back (look at the back of the base on picture 1).