Introduction: K'nex Beach Umbrella

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This is a quick K'nex project. I'm sure e all wish we were at the beach right now, and what's a beach without an umbrella? I hope you all have fun with this project!

Step 1: Peices

This piece list is based on the most common piece colors. Sorry for any confusion, it would take forever to take pics.


-1 grey rod

-8 yellow rods

-12 blue rods

-15 white rods

-4 green rods


-2 1 snap purple/grey connectors

-10 2 snap orange connectors

-4 3 snap red connectors

-2 8 snap white connector


-1 4 snap grey/purple slotted connector

-1 7 snap blue slotted connector


-8 grey spacers

-4 blue spacers

-8 black clips

-1 metallic blue end cap OR black end cap

Step 2: Making the Base

This is the main base. It also includes the hubs that will move to make the umbrella go! Just follow the pictures, one by one. For the second hub, I will use a special connection where you push the connectors directly together without a rod in the middle.

Step 3: Making the "Branches"

Just follow the pictures. In the second and third picture, the branches don't attach to the base.

Step 4: Finished!

Good job. I hope you have fun with your new umbrella! You could cover the top with fabric, but I left mine bare. Happy times!