Introduction: K'nex Blow-back Pistol

About: I do K'nex...a lot. It's fun to mess around with new mechanisms, and to learn about basic engineering. I build mostly guns, and love to build new concepts. I will start posting some of my 'unposted ideas' in f… probably read the title, and thought this would be a pistol with a slide on top that moved like a real gun. Sorry, but that's not what this is, and, frankly, I don't think I should post this, just because I don't like it. But, I decided to, just in case someone wants to build it or look at it. So, here we go.

This IS a blow-back gun, just not the usual type of blow-back. Like on an M4 or an AK-47, this has a charging handle that acts as the blow-back. Unfortunately, this gun shoots rubber-bands, and at that point, they don't go very far, (I'm working on it). Also, this blow-back is NOT reversed, it just uses and 'open-bolt mechanism', which is used on guns like Uzi's, Mac 11's, and other sub-machine pistols. This 'open-bolt mechanism' features the bolt going forward on the shot, instead of back.

This pistol looks hideous, I know, but i don't know what to do. Technically, the top bar of the gun isn't necessary, so you could make the whole top row Yellow Connectors, but otherwise, there isn't much you could change about this gun. So, here are some Pro's and Con's, (I'm very disappointed that I couldn't get this gun to be better, but oh well).



Blow-back! Yay!

Fun to play with


Not all

Horrible range, 10 feet at best for me

Frequently jams if your rubber-bands aren't strong enough

Looks absolutely hideous

Semi-Auto doesn't work very well, also frequently jams


For these reasons, I'm not going to post internals unless someone wants them, because I'm not very proud of this gun, and could care less if someone built it or not, (I'm kinda being a bit harsh :/).


Here's a link to a video, (watch until the end to see it work).


But yeah, hope you take a look at it, and maybe improve it! By the way, if you want to mod this gun, start with the trigger, that's the biggest problem. Please leave your thoughts in the comment section!