K'nex Bug

Introduction: K'nex Bug

People always wonder how to use K'NEX in a fun and productive way. We have perfected a way to create a bug in K'NEX and we want to show how we did it. In the following instructable, the pictures visually describe how a bug is created using only 50 K'NEX pieces.

Step 1: Materials List

-One black pad and one red pad

-Two yellow rods

-Four gray connecting pieces (One output end)

-Six black half connector pieces

-Four gray 45°connectors (Two output ends)

-Twelve octagonal connecting pieces (Eight output ends)

-Eight white rods

-Eight green rods (The really short ones)

-Four red 90° connectors

Step 2: To Begin... Legs

To build the bug, start by making the legs by taking the four 90° connectors and attaching a green rod in the center connector.

Then attach a white rod to any of the other two connectors.

Finally take the 4 gray single connectors and attach them to the green rods.

EDIT: Two of the legs do not need the gray connector. The two legs without the connector are the front legs.

Step 3: Starting the Body

The next step is to take the black pad piece and attach the four legs using the unoccupied connectors on the red 90° pieces. You now have the bottom half of the body.

After the bottom is assembled, take the red pad piece.

*Keep in mind that this piece will be assembled upside down, so when it comes time to assemble the whole body.*

Then take the unused four white rods and attach the black half connectors to them.

Once the white rods are assembled you will need to fish them through the holes in the red pad.

*Be careful holding the upper half of the body as nothing is holding the rods to it.*

Now we will need three of the 45° connectors and put them on three of the white rods sticking up.

The last white rod head will have an octagonal piece put on it, then attach the two yellow rods on connectors adjacent to one another. This functions as the head.

Finally, take four octagonal connectors and put them on the connecting pieces on the red pad.

Step 4: Mash 'em Together

The next step is to leave the red upper half

Step 5: Finishing the Body

To finish connecting the body halves, attach two gray single connectors to the white rods that are perpendicular to the head piece.

Then take a light gray 45° connector and attach it to the white rod that is holding the head piece. Finally attach a black half connector to the last white rod near the butt of the bug.

Finally, attach four white octagonal pieces to the bottoms of the legs.

Step 6: Almost Done

By this point the bug is 90% complete.

The only thing left to do is take an octagonal piece and attach four green rods, so that they faces each other like 12, 6, 9, and 3 on the clock. Attach this piece by sticking it on the top of the bug in between the white rods sticking up. The piece probably pop up, if it does just keep pushing it down until it holds.

Take the last two octagonal pieces and attach them to the ends of the yellow rods in the front.

And the last black half connector is attached to either one of the yellow antennae.

Congratulations, the bug is finished!

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    Lucas The Boss
    Lucas The Boss

    7 years ago

    Cool but how is this a "productive" way to use Knex