Knex Gravity Accelerator

Introduction: Knex Gravity Accelerator

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Hello welcome by this instructable with the knex gravity accelerator. You can put this set on the hyperspace training tower. the instructions are there now!

Step 1: The Box

This is the box for the gravity accelerator

Step 2: The Swing

This is the swing for the building

Step 3: The Middel Part

this is the middle that connects to everything

Step 4: The Chair

This is the chair that turns very fast

Step 5: The Dish

This is the dish and a receiver

Step 6: Putting Al Together

In this step you put it all together

Step 7: A Motor

Do you want a motor in it so in this step i let see the easiest way to do

Step 8: Done

Now are you Done with building have fun!

Here is a link to a pdf file:

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    4 years ago

    This looks like a great machine, but what does it do?


    Reply 4 years ago

    it does nothing but if you have the K'nex hyperspace training tower can you put it together and have you an extra part to watch.