Knex Grenade Launching Turret

Introduction: Knex Grenade Launching Turret

About: My main field of work is knex. I work to innovate and create things people just haven't thought to make. My secondary field of work is aquariums.

Hey this is my Knex Grenade Launching Turret, to fire you would pull the handle which would make the grenade go flying. I designed the grenade so it explodes ON IMPACT, which was hard to make but it worked out. It has a good range and is fun to blow stuff up with it. This is a prototype so dont be very harsh but it works very well. It also doesnt jam, it is highly accurate, has cool iron sights and it can rotate on its octo-stand 360 degrees. Dont forget to rate!

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    Here it is, the grenade is up. It is the same grenade I used for my knex actual exploding RC-XD because the design fit both projects. The band placement is two double wrapped rubberbands placed on it vertically.

    Sure i will post the grenade, it will take a while due to some uploading problems, I did design the grenade only for this gun and it has specific rubber band placement on it so it wont explode during launch, only on impact, by the way thanks, im glad you like it.


    Nice concept! I wanted to try something similar.

    Photos of the grenades?