Introduction: Knex Gun: Thunderbolt Hand Cannon + Internals.

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Hey guys, I have another gun for you! This one is a futuristic K'nex pistol. It features a synthetic futuristic body, thumbhole grip, unique trigger, and it's a single shot. It seems to like shooting a grey clip and green rod the best, followed by white rods. The trigger blocks the pin very far back, and the mech only holds one #117 band. Still, it shoots very well. Next time you see these pieces they will probably be in a free flying slingshot, or a bullpup rail pin. (Why has nobody come up with one where the rail pin is pulled all the way back into the stock?! I might have to fix that myself.)

This is the perfect gun if you prefer to exclaim, "Oh, SICK!" when you see it rather then, "What a elegant design!"

That's right, it's jammed with features and looks to appeal to the COD: AW and Destiny crowd, and no one else. I don't fit in that category, and I just think it looks weird. You may not.


Fairly comfortable.

Looks... interesting?

Shoots 50+ feet.

Very sturdy. (8 layers, 9 in some spots.)

Long pin pull.

OK trigger pull.


Piece consuming for what it is.

Shoots all rods except green.

Shoots several connector+rod combos.

Nice sights.

Three layer trigger that feels like it came off of a TR.

So what do you think? Tell me in the comments below, and feel free to criticize your hearts out. I going to keep posting, expect more! And what do you think of the indoor pictures? Not too shabby, huh? Let's get to the internals.

Do not dry fire this gun! It can break the bullet lock.

Step 1: Internals

Here are the internals. Ask me if you have problems. (With the gun, not with anything else.) Have fun with your new gun. Unless, of course, you just wanted to see how it worked. That's OK too.

Do not dry fire this gun! It can break the bullet lock.