Knex Handgun With Slanted Mag

Introduction: Knex Handgun With Slanted Mag

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Hey there! This is my first instructable! This is a really simple handgun with slanted mag. I hope you like this. Also I didn't actually make this gun after any specific one. Warning: Needs spring for smoothness of firing pin. I would recommend you to always use springs for the firing pin on any gun you make. Now for the pros and cons:


Strong handle

Firing pin should contain spring to stop it flinging off

Small sight

Good mag

Not many pieces needed


Only 3 layers

Quite good for a pistol, right?

May as well stop talking and start building this thing...

Step 1: Handle and Barrel

These are pretty simple, just FOLLOW them.

1. Barrel externals

2. Same

3. Handle

4. Attach

5. Place white rods

6. Internals

7. Trigger

8. Place internals

9. Place trigger

10. Place second layer of handle

11. Place third layer of handle

Step 2: Mag and Rest of Body

Again, follow, it's easy.

Simply the mag.

Step 3: Firing Pin, Ram, Sight and FINISHED!

Last step!

1. Firing Pin, yeah, with spring, as I said

2. Ram

3. Sight

4...................................Attach them, and FINISHED!

Done. This is my first instructable, I will also make others, like most people, and I'll try to make way more complex guns. Also I'm going to make guns according to their real life version. BYE!!!

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