K'nex Headphone Stand

Introduction: K'nex Headphone Stand

This is what your headphone stand will look like when you are done.

Step 1: K'nex Headphone Stand

This is the base of the headphone stand and this piece has 4 red connectors, 6 yellow connectors, 2 white connectors and 6 purple connectors. For rods there are 9 white rods and 24 green rods.

Step 2: This Is the Neck of the Stand

The neck of the stand has 4 blue connectors and 8 purple connectors. For rods there are 7 green rods, 2 red rods and 4 white rods.

Step 3: Top of the Stand

The top of the stand only has 4 purple connectors. For rods there are 4 white rods and 3 green rods.

Step 4: Wire Hanger

If you don't have wired headphones then you can skip this step. This has 1 red connector and 1 yellow connector. For rods there is 1 green rod.

Step 5: Base and Neck Connection

Step 6: Base and Neck Connected

Step 7: Top and Neck Connection

Step 8: Wireless Hanger Done

If you have wireless headphones then you are done!! If you have wired headphones then you have one more step.

Step 9: Wire Hanger and Neck Connection

Step 10: Wire Hanger and Neck Connected

Step 11: YOU ARE DONE!!!

Now you just need to wrap up your cord and put it on the cord hanger. Congratulations!!

Step 12: Whats Next?

What should i make next out of k'nex write it in the comment section.

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Comment what I should make out of k'nex next!


    4 years ago

    Cool Headphone stand!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thanks, it really cleans my setup