Introduction: Knex Mad Max Interceptor

"You can shut the gate on this one Maxie it's the ducks guts"

A Australian icon now brought to life in Knex

Complete with it's own model engine sticking out of the hood.

Background on this project started with me first wanting to build a 1966 ford mustang coupe, but my research proved me that a lot of mustangs have been built all ready. So my mind drifted off to one of the most iconic cars ever in a movie Mad Max's Black on Black I started with just a chassis and steering used from Imperar this helped me a bunch as I cant figure out steering yet, so I started looking at Pictures on google of the Interceptor to make the car and side views to get the body angles right and here is the result.


Looks pretty close to the real thing ( would look better using metallic pieces)

Has proper body shape and angle of the real thing


Opening doors

Fuel tanks in back from 2nd movie

noticeable taillights

Has both spoilers

has fender flares front and rear.


No broken parts (only have to cut two if you want to)


No interior (yet)

Some pieces fall off when bumped


Engine looks bad

Very piece consuming

Hard to reach steering wheel

Doors don't open well and tend to mess up

One rubber band around the front to keep front fender flares on

No suspension

Exhaust tips fall down often

Front may drag on ground if on carpet

Step 1: Front

The front as you can see is just a bumper with layers added onto it, but I tried to add the head lights by separating the lights with grey half moon connectors on both sides instead of leaving it yellow all the way though. sorry about missing a mirror came off forgot to put it back on.

Step 2: Back

Here you can see that the back bumper is the same as the front. It also has a spot for the license plate. And the taillights are the red connectors at the top by the rear spoiler which is the grey connectors. It also sits high off the ground. The fuel tanks I know are not positioned correctly but I did that for structural integrity.

Step 3: Side

Here you can the aggressive stance that the Interceptor has Front so low to the ground it occasionally scarps it. The exhaust right in front of the back wheels with a grey spacer tip. Also how I mange to do the back and have very few gaps.

Step 4: Bottom

Here you can see how everything is hooked together and how it works it's very basic. I also got the height difference between the front bumper and back bumper by attaching them on different points the front one is attached higher up on the bumper while the back one is attached lower to give it the stance I needed.