Knex Robotic Mech Suit Mark 2

Introduction: Knex Robotic Mech Suit Mark 2

About: i make knex in my spare time. i have much more to upload in the furture. suscribe to my youtube channel

this is knex mech suit. heavily inspired by PINguyen and affery1995. if it wasn't for those two this mech suit would not have been built. i can walk, jump and too a certain extent run in the legs. my arms can bend about 100 degrees. everything opens up so that i can simply step in. please leave thoughts, suggestions and improvements i can make to the suit. i may make a mark 3 and depending on feedback i may make a tutorial on how to build certain parts of the suit. thank you for checking this instructable out

looks good
very mobile
all connected
everything has hinges and joints so it feels natural
attachments can be made

kind of difficult to put on
very difficult to connect shoulder joints without assistance
helmet can hurt a little bit when put on
the bottom leg part that opens up for me to put my foot in is prone to breaking

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    10 months ago

    when I saw this I thought this was supposed to be some sort of a nod to iron man