Introduction: K'nex Mini Box

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Hello Sbalint fans, I have made a mini version of my k'nex box ( ). It is quite small and not the best but it is harder to make a smaller version of something that is quite big.

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Step 1: The Sides

This is the step where you make the sides. It is a very short step, and very easy. Please look at all of the image notes.

Parts list:
Rods:                      Connectors:
Green: 19               Orange: 6
white:16                 Red: 2
blue: 10                  purple: 24
                                yellow: 4
                                Y CONNECTOR: 4        
1)  Make this
2)  Make it 3 more times

Put those to the side, now go to the next step!

Step 2: The Lid

This step shows you how to make the lid. Once again, look at the image notes or if you can't see the image notes look at the writing below:

1)  You will make this step ; either make it like shown in the first picture, or look at the other pictures for a more brief explenation.
2)  Make this.
3)  Make 5 more.
4)  Make this.
5)  Get two of these.
6)  Attach like so.
7)  Get the other ones and a blue rod like shown.
8)  Attach like so.
9)  Put that aside with the sides :)

That's that done, now to make the top and bottom.

Step 3: The Top and the Bottom

Make the top and the bottom in this step. Once again look at the image notes or look below at the writing.

1) Make this
2) Turn it around and add the Y - Connectors like this.
3) Now make this.
4) Make this as well.
5) Add this like shown on the picture.
6) Get 4 white rods
7) Now attach them like this.

Step 4: Put It All Together

Do what you did on all of them ; look at the image notes or read the instructions below.

1) Get these parts
2) Attach like so
3) Get the bit you have just made and the lid.
4) Attach like this.
5) Get the sides like this.
6) Attach like so.
7) Be careful here ; the green rod goes just in front of the y - connector.

Ok then, you're done! 

Step 5: Finished

Congratulations! You have finished  the small version of the box. Thank you for making, or at least bothering to look. And please check out my bigger version.

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