Introduction: K'nex Muscle Car - Dodge Charger 1969 (Instructions)

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One of my favorite cars of all time, the classic dodge charger R/T 1969! This is my K'nex interpretation of the car which intends to recreate the subtle curves, bumpers and proportions of the original car. In this creation I use grey coloured pieces to represent the chrome bumpers of the original car. I have tried to include some of the smaller details such as the lights at the front, exhaust pipes at the back, and a basic pretend engine etc.

As usual, here are my 'stats' for this car, these are in relation to other cars I've built in the past. (Out of 5)

Durability *'
The looks ****'
Features **
Build difficulty ****

Please note that most of the instructions are written as annotations on the images themselves.

Step 1: Building the Chassis

In this step we will build the chassis, the base of the car which the shell sits on. In this step we will also be creating the engine which sits on top.

Step 2: Building the Front

In this step you will be taken through how to create the front, including the lights, grille, bumpers, bonnet and part of the windshield. We will also be combining what we created in step 1 with what step 2 will result in.

Step 3: Building the Middle

This is probably the most fiddly step but stick with it! It will be worth it. We will be creating the roof, and sides of the car.

Step 4: Creating the Back

Now we will making the back of the car, the back lights, bumper & exhausts!

This step is quite tricky too due to the flexi pieces, but eventually all the loose bits and bobs come together and you will have completed the entire car! :D

Step 5: Congrats You Have Built the Car!

Well done you have completed it!
If you have any questions or aren't sure about anything shown in the steps please let me know in my inbox or comment below.

1. Let me know what you think of this creation, and subscribe if you like my stuff.
2. NEXT!!! - mod the car (or keep it classic) - these are just some suggestions!

  • Perhaps add a steering system
  • Add a gaint spoiler if you like, similar to the 1969 Superbee charger
  • Make it into a drag racer complete with a bonnet (hood) scoop and large back tires
  • Add a bumper like the General Lee Charger
  • Make a monster truck version