Introduction: K'nex Replacement Dog Legs

Today in our MakerSpace Class, we were instructed to build something pertaining to an animal that could only have 50 K'nex pieces. We thought outside the box and devised a plan to create artificial dog legs. Although this isn't a tool proven to actually help the dogs, as we haven't been able to test it, it still was a demonstration of our creativity.

Step 1: Step 1: Collect Materials

For this project, you will need 7 yellow rods, 2 red rods, 4 orange rods, 3 green rods, 13 green rods, 8 green connectors, 2 white connectors, and 2 yellow connectors. An image has been provided to show you the approximate lengths and rods.

Step 2: Step 2. Begin Connections

Take a white connector and 2 orange rods and connect them to make a straight line.

Step 3: Step 3.

Take 2 green rods and 1 yellow Wheel and connect a green rod about 2 in. down the end of the orange one. Connect the wheel and then another green rod to secure the wheel.

Step 4: Step 4. Repeat Step #3

Repeat #3 to the other side of the orange rod.

Step 5: Step 5.

Connect a yellow rod perpendicular to the white piece (y plane).

Step 6: Step 6.

Below the white connector on the yellow rod connect a green rod, then a yellow then another green rod, then a yellow then another green to seal the yellow piece. Do the same on the white part.

Step 7: Step 7.

Then connect 1 yellow rod to each of the yellow connectors you just worked with. Connect a white Connector to the yellow rod so that the sticks are stale.

Step 8:

At the end of the yellow rods attach 1 yellow connector to each end, Set this all aside, you will finish it later.

Step 9:

Take 4 yellow connectors and put a yellow rod opposite eachother in the notch closest to the flat bottom. connect pieces to make a square by connecting two red rods as well.

Step 10:

repeat the last step but instead of using red rods use orange.

Step 11:

Fit yellow rods perpendicular in the yellow connectors to add another dimension. Place yellow connectors at the other end of the rods on the rightmost space. Do this to all four rods.

Step 12:

Connect the other rectangle so that you have a cube.

Step 13: Last One!!

Now take the "set aside piece" and place 2 yellow connectors on each, one face up, one face down. Fit in the yellow rods going across in the middle section of the connection and you are done!