Knex Robotic Mech Suit Mark 3

Introduction: Knex Robotic Mech Suit Mark 3

About: i make knex in my spare time. i have much more to upload in the furture. suscribe to my youtube channel

this is my knex mech suit 3. heavily inspired by PINguyen and affery1995. if it wasn't for those two this mech suit would not have been built. this suit is almost identical to the mark 2 but with the only change being in the feet. due to this change, i can walk 100% normally without limitations enabling me to run as well. everything else has been kept the same.

i am working on a mark 4 of the suit, it should hopefully come very soon. stay tuned for that as ive made a new torso and i have upgraded the arms.

if this 'series' does well then i will make tutorials on each part of the suit, as well as precise piece counts so you can construct it easily.

again a big thank you to PiNguyen and Aferry1995 for the inspirations to build my own suit. thank you for reading, leave comments and suggestions on what i should do to the suit that might make the upcoming mark 4 a bit better.

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Step 1:

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