K'nex Rubber Band Powered Gun (Really Powerful)

Introduction: K'nex Rubber Band Powered Gun (Really Powerful)

I was messing around on night and decided to make a gun out of knex and a I tweeted it and tweeted it for a month before finally coming up with this this is not a toy and should be used responsibly I am not responsible for any of your injuries from this because I am currently taking care of my own

Step 1: Gather Material

You will need:
1 yellow connector
1 green stick
1 purple connector
1 blue connector
1 yellow stick
4 grey connectors
3 black connectors
2 red connectors
1 white connector
2 red connectors
A few long knex sticks ( I suggest the grey ones)
A flat medium sized rubber band

Step 2: Make the Back of the Gun

Connect the green stick piece to the top of the yellow connector then slide the purple piece into the blue one then connect the green stick to the middle of the purple piece
Set that aside

Step 3: Make the Middle of the Gun

Put the 4 grey connectors on the yellow stick (refer to pictures) then add one black piece to yellow piece facing away from the grey pieces then connect it to the back of the gun (step 2)
Set that aside

Step 4: Make the Front of the Gun

Connect the 2 red pieces together by the white stick then add the remaining 2 black connectors to the ends of the red pieces next connect the white stick to the white connector and set that aside put your rubber band around the white stick that is connected to the red pieces then loop the other end of the rubber band through the hole in the middle of the white connector connect the black pieces on the ends of the red pieces to the white stick attached to the white connector and to the yellow stick (refer to pictures) then loop the end of the rubber band around the 4 grey pieces (refer to pictures) and you are done

Step 5: How to Put the Rubber Band

The first picture is the correct place to have your rubber band (covering the hole) the second picture won't work and might leave you frustrated

Step 6: How to Hold Your Gun

Rest the bottom of the yellow piece on your wrist (your wrist should be flat and facing up) next hold the red piece section in your hand and move it around until it is comfortable

Step 7: Loading and Shooting

Watch this video (by me) to learn how to load and shoot the video was also made to show you that this is not to be messed around with because it can cause serious damage


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    7 Discussions


    6 years ago

    I couldn't do that because that is all the knex that I have my dog decided to eat the rest


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Your dog eats K'NEX!?!?!? Did he choke at all?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, but its 2014 now.

    These kind of guns are really outdated.

    Sorry if you take this as an offense.

    It looks simple, but good job! Try to make a better handle and a longer barrel, then it will be much better.