Knex Sniper Plus Stock How to Build

Introduction: Knex Sniper Plus Stock How to Build

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I need feedback to improve fix or change this gun plz comment

Ask and ill post instructions

Sight i love this sight. I hit the target shown from five feet so it must be accurate. Because you requires you to use your input and you can figure out where you going to shoot and you can know you were in distances because it doesn't tell you and also because if you practice with that you will know exactly where to put it anyhow so yea its a boss. I'm not sure on the exact range is but il test it later
Again trying to keep this a low piece project i made it simple light and comfortable
also it has a ammo storage compartment in back. If u have any questions or comments obviously ask in the COMMENTS wowwww

Step 1: Pros and Cons

pretty sturdy, I love the scope ,good range ,extremely accurate, comfortable stock and comfortable body
Flimsy handle, single shot, no ways for a magazine to be added ,rubber bands need to be stretchy to stretch the length that is needed

Power is awesome from twenty feet using the ammo shown hit the paper target dead centre and went clean through

Step 2: Stock How to Build

Get these pieces

Step 3: Put Together

Follow pics

Step 4: Add to Weapon of Your Choice

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    4 years ago

    I used this in a kforce rifle I made

    Knextremely stupid
    Knextremely stupid

    7 years ago

    Go away im gonna post instructions AFTER i get ideas

    Knextremely stupid
    Knextremely stupid

    7 years ago

    Anything u like can be used as long as u get credit