Knex Top Spins FAST

Introduction: Knex Top Spins FAST

How To Build A K'nex Top

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Step 1: The Frame

To build the top you will need

* 4 - 90° piece (red)

* 1 - 360° piece (white)

* 4 - white rods

* 4 - green clips

* a tan clip

* a small wheel

1. Attach the white clips to the 90° Piece

2. then add the 360° piece to the Center and secure it with the Green rods

Step 2:

Add the tan clip to the white rod and Clip It

secure it to the 360° piece

add a wheel and push it in

Spin it and your done

Step 3: Have Fun

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    3 years ago

    Will use this project to jumpstart using knex in my math class