Knex Topless Jeep Wrangler

Introduction: Knex Topless Jeep Wrangler

Hey guys! 
This is my first instructable and I think I did a fairly good job and I had a lot of fun building this! 
I love jeeps and I do personally drive a jeep. 

Please, by all means I would love to see you guys make some mods to this, bigger tires, better interior, add suspension which i will hopefully get to soon. Be sure to let me know if you change anything yourself!!
And also please comment! I love to hear what you guys think and tell me how I did! Any ideas or things you would like me to build please suggest it!

Soooo, here goes!

Step 1: Building - Wheels

So basically just follow the pictures


Step 2: Building - Floor

Very easy, just do this or use snowflakes if you have enough

Step 3: Building - Tailgate

This part is kind of confusing, but not too bad. Just follow pictures. And i used the wrong :/ but using the correct wheel wont be hard.

Modding a bumper and hitch would be awesome!

Step 4: Building - Roll Cage

Simple. The rubber band helps.

Step 5: Building - Front End, Hood, Engine

The Hardest Part! But you can do it!

This is probably the worst part in my opinion - mod if you can!
Engine block kind of moves around but oh well, I was running out of parts!

I also much prefer the gear lights to the light green lights but they can work also

Step 6: Building - Front Bumper, Fenders/Running Boards

I like the bumper personally. If only it had a winch!

These details are easy-peasy.

Step 7: Building - Seats

Last part of building!! Almost there!

This is also another part that can be modded easily to look cooler.

Step 8: Putting It All Together! - Rear

Almost there! This is going together nicely.

Make sure not to break it!

Step 9: Putting It All Together! - the Rest

The Final Step!

Step 10: Outro

Thanks for everyone who sees this! Make sure to comment and ask any questions if you want to know anything.

Here is a picture of my Jeep compared - not too bad.

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9 years ago on Introduction

You did awesome for a first instructable! I see your potential :) Keep it up!


9 years ago on Introduction

I like the over-all look of the jeep. It looks really clean.