Knex Ultimate Pistol

Introduction: Knex Ultimate Pistol

About: I build things with knex. I like to fiddle with knex and see what I get. I also sometimes review other people’s stuff. I also Really like Sport cars, Supercars, and Hypercars. If You think that the knex commu…

This is the first knex gun that I have built in my account of instructables. Has a capacity of about 8 blue rods. Shoots them about 35-40 feet with 2 #64rbs.

Looks epic (IMO)
good range
Good capacity
good pullback
Sear trigger
Iron sights
internal magazine pusher
you have to manually set up the trigger, Easy fix add a trigger rb.
handle might be a little to small for you or for people over the age of 12.

Credits to
Dr. Richofen for about 75% of the internals


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