Introduction: Knex X-15 Combat Shotgun

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This version definatly ha sthe most pwer of all the guns in one, and is the best overall Ive made yet!!


Very High Power
Range is 50-60 ft
Holds 6 Big bullets
Looks like a S.p.A 12
Very Accurate
Very Easy to build
Does not use too many pieces
Mag NEVER Jams


Have hold the trigger close tot the pivot so it wont break
Slow fire rate
Bands have to be loaded right so it wont misfire
The arrow ammo still works but reduces range by 50%
Mag sometimes gets stuck

So this gun is the most powerful gun I have made that actually never jams up (with the exception that it sticks) and it shoots very accurately to 55 ft. 

Mod this gun to not need to reload every time the trigger is pulled, I cant find a way to do that.

UPDATE: With an extra elastic it will have an average distance of 51 ft with the normal ammo. And with the arrow ammo, it shoots about 35 ft.

UPDATE: The X-16 Version has this on beat by a lot!!!