Introduction: Knex Zip 3 Review

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Does a bolt action pump action gun sound good for a knex war! What if I told you that it shoots far faster than a tr-8 and uses removable mags....does it sound good yet?

I decided to rebuild Johnny B Good's Zip 3 and put it through its paces and here were my results......

Range: 40-60 ft

ROF: as fast as you can pump and pull the trigger

Ammo: yellow rods

Mag: removable pre load able 10 round mags


Extreme ROF
Good range
Bolt action
Pre load able mags
Spare mag storage
Finammo can be loaded through top part of bolt action mech


A little flimsy
Can't put many bands on it
Big for a war
Nothin much else!

In my honest but slightly biased and bribable opinion I would much rather have this than the tr-8 and when compared to the Weapon Of War I would have a hard decision!