Introduction: Knex Assault Rifle.

this is a knex assault rifle it fires about 75feet and from 30-40 feet it went thorugh a tissue box.

Step 1: The Stock/butt of the Gun and the Handle

also simple if you need any help just ask.

Step 2: The Body

simple just follow the pictures if you need any more help then just ask.

Step 3: The Barrel

this step is slightly trickier but is still relativly easy on picture 6 and 7 leave out the black Y connecter and i will show you how to connect the parts on the next step. also ignore the string on the block trigger that is for later.

Step 4: The Magazine and Ram

really obvious if you cant make this im worried just follow the pictures.

Step 5: Connection

connect the parts if you need any help then just ask. the second picture is with the side wall cut away a bit. the third is with it back on. also tie string through the trigger and the block trigger and tie a knot at the right length so that when you pull the true trigger it pulls the block down you may want to add a grey connecter if you want the string to run more smoothly.

Step 6: FIRE!!!!

add rubber bands load the magazine pull back the ram pull the trigger etc etc....