Introduction: Knex Simple Walker

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This is a very simple waking machine I made. Its sturdy and reliable, and fun to watch as it crawls across the floor.

It also uses a small amount of pieces, and one of the more common motors.


Step 1: Parts List

This is the parts list. There are not many used.

2 white
36 purple
10 yellow
8 green
14 red

2 red
23 yellow
10 blue
10 white
28 green

16 blue spacers
22 silver spacers
1 Knex Powerpack (Short or long stringed, doesn't matter).

Step 2: Sides

These are the sides that rotate around the core.

1: Make this. Remember the green rods
2: Make this part as well. Make sure to get the spacers right
3: Close up...
4: Put the two together to get this
5: Make its twin. It is an exact mirror image
6: Put two red rods on one of the sides like this.


Step 3: Core

This is the inner part of the walker that houses the motor.

1: Make this panel
2: Make another panel and put the rods on like so
3: That piece from another angle. Those are tan clips on blue rods
4: Slip the motor onto the panel like so
5: Put the other panel on and put two more tan caps on the blue rods at the top
6: Get these pieces ready
7: Put it through the white connector like so, and put the other spacer and red connector on the other side. Make sure that they are connected facing the same direction
8: It should look like this from above
9: Make make this attachment on the end. Pretty simple
10: Make another one on the other end
11: It should now look like this. Notice that all the reds are facing the same direction

Step 4: Assembley

Time to put the two bits together! This is easy. Make sure you have all the spacers in their right spots.

1: Take the side with the reds and position it with the core like so
2: Connect all the blue rods to the red connectors on the core
3: Close up
4: Put the other side on the same way
5: Connect The red rod going across like so

Whoop whoop, you are done!

Step 5: Usage

This is really easy. Just throw the switch and watch it go!

I hope you liked this instructable. Comments and questions welcome.