Introduction: Knife Holder

To make this knife holder for 7 knifes and a sharpening rod, you will need 1 3mm thick sheet of mdf or plywood, 300 by 600mm (this is the sice of the laser cutter I used), 3 M6x200mm Threaded rods, 18 washers and 18 nuts to hold it all together.

Step 1: Measure Your Knifes and Make the File to Lasercut

Measure all the depths of your knifes, I added the file I made for my specific knifes, but yours may vary in depth. The length of the knife is not that important.

don't forget to add 3 round holes on the bottom for each sheet for the threaded rods.

I make 3 layers for the handle and 3 layers for the knifes.

Step 2: Assembly

After lasercutting the wooden parts, it is time to assemble everything.

Start by putting the rods through the holes of the 3 parts for the handle, adding a washer and a nut on either end.

Then add a nut and a washer on each rod and add 2 parts of the knifes. use a knife to figure out the spacing between the sheets. again add a washer and nut to secure these sheets and place

The add the last sheet at the end of the rods, this last sheet will be an extra support for the knifes.