Introduction: Knit Fluffy Duckies (Sqaishey Quack)

Hello and get ready to look at the most adorable little fluffy duckie ever, Sqaishey Quack!!

I have created this little fluffy duckie pattern and I hope you love it, Happy Knitting!



Yarn: (I got red heart super saver yarn) medium 4 worsted weight 100% Acrylic (Same yarn for both kinds)

Needles:There are two different sized and look of duckies, the one on the left is done with 4.25mm needles and the one on the right is done with US3 3.25mm needles

Knitting Abbreviations:



k2tog=knit 2 stitches together


CO=cast on (add sts)

BO=bind off (taking sts off)

Step 1: The Body

CO 30 sts (yellow)

k11 rows St st

k2tog across (15 sts)


k2tog across k3tog at end (7 sts)

fasten off

Step 2: The Head

CO 12 sts


k1,kfb to end

rep rows 1 and 2 twice more

k9 rows st st

k2tog to end


k2tog to end

fasten off

Step 3: The Little Wings

CO 7 sts

work 8 rows st st

k2tog all (k3tog end)

fasten off

Step 4: Bottom of Body

CO 13 sts

k 2" worth of st st

fasten off

Step 5: Tail Feet and Beak

Tail: CO

k4 rows st st

fasten off tightly

Feet: CO 7 sts

k4 rows st st

fasten off

Beak: CO 7 sts

k4 rows st st

fasten off

Step 6: Eyes

for the eyes you can either embroider eyes which is safe for a toy for small children and then you have the plastic eyes for others.

And that is it, hope you liked it!

( no duckies were harmed in the making of this instructable.)

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