Introduction: Knitted Ruffle Scarf

Knitted Ruffle Scarves are fun and fast knitting projects for all levels of knitters.

There are lots of types of ruffled yarn for knitting, but you can tell it is because it is wider than normal yarn and often has predetermined holes.

Step 1: Start Knitting a Ruffle Scarf

Beginning a Ribbon or Ruffle Knitted Scarf

Knitting with ruffle or ribbon yarn can be fun, quick and easy once you get the hang of it. Not all ruffle or ribbon yarns are constructed the same, but once you understand how to knit with one you can easily figure out other types.

Step 2: ​Identifying the Holes/spacing

There are a couple of techniques to knitting ruffle or ribbon yarn. You should start by identifying which edge is the outward facing edge. This will often be the more decorative edge.Start by spreading the yarn out so you can see any pattern in the holes in the yarn. There could be large holes or small holes, or perhaps small slots as in ribbon yarn. Determine how much length between holes will produce the best ruffle for your scarf. Usually this is about 1-2 inches between where you'll insert the needles to create a stitch. Sometimes it will be every large hole, or every other hole. Some ruffle yarn may not have a large hole pattern so you will just have to make a knit stitch every inch.

Step 3: ​Casting on Ruffle or Ribbon Yarn

To cast or bind on with ruffle or ribbon yarn, start at one end of the yarn and insert your needle into the first hole. Continue inserting your needle into the next hole or spacing as you've determine appropriate until you've cast on enough stitches. A typical cast on amount is 7-8 stitches, but it will depend on the thickness of your ribbon/ruffle yarn.

Step 4: ​Knitting Ribbon/ruffle Yarn

To knit the first row, just knit as you would normally after casting on, spreading out the yarn and wrapping the yarn by placing the next identified hole around the needle as you knit. This can feel very awkward as opposed to regular knitting where the yarn is wrapped around your fingers. Instead, use your fingers to separate the ribbon/ruffle yarn out and find the next hole or spacing to insert the needle.

Step 5: Finish Knitting a Ruffle Scarf

When you are approaching the end of your ruffle scarf yarn, you can decide to end your scarf. Make sure to leave enough at the end for a bind off. With the ruffle scarf it's easy to know how much you need. If you are knitting a scarf that is eight stitches wide, you can count off enough for nine stitches at the end of the yarn. Start by knitting two stitches and then bind off normally, continuing to knit one more ruffle scarf stitch and then bind off.

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