Introduction: Knockout Business Presentation

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Communication is the key to success. You can be an extraordinary professional but if you do not know how to communicate your work and your results you cannot be successful.

Nowadays executive presentations are part of our everyday life and sometimes we do not spend the right time to polish them and ensure that our message is clear and direct.

In this Instructable I will teach you how to create an impact executive presentation in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: What You Need

  • Computer
  • Presentation program (Power point for Microsoft or Keynote for Mac)
  • Project or subject for the presentation

Step 2: Easy and Direct Subject, Include Agenda

A simple subject implies that you have a very clear objective: just informing, requesting funds, getting a project approved, etc. You should include an agenda with the topics you will cover in the presentation. Including it will help your listeners keep in mind the presentation flow. Sometimes management will ask you to go directly to certain topic if time is limited.

Step 3: Invert Pyramid Approach

If you are presenting to management they will probably have very limited time to listen to you. If you take them step by step to the process you made to get to a conclusion you will spend valuable time explaining.

The invert pyramid approach consists in starting with the conclusion and then justifying it with the individual findings.

You will see that in this way you will get valuable input from the beginning and in case time is over, management will go away knowing what you are proposing.

Step 4: Few Words, Use Bullet Points

If your slides are full of words, people will read and will not listen to you. Include few words and ensure you have bullet points to make it easier to follow you

Step 5: Visually Attractive

Adding charts, color and other signs will help your audience to read and remember your message. Any time you include a chart you should state your key message.

Do not forget that the key for success is practice. If you apply these easy steps and practice you will get extraordinary results in your executive presentations.

Good luck!

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