Introduction: Knot-A-Bracelet

The bracelet that we will be making today is made primarily out of threads. Charms and beads are optional in the production of the bracelet. The bracelet can be made out of a single color thread, or multiple colored threads.

Our instructions are aimed at people who want to create original, simple bracelets in their unique style. It also offers a simple gift opportunity. The bracelets are highly modifiable, which allows them to be used by all sexes. The color and design choices make them suitable for both male use, and female use. These instructions are suitable for anyone from children aged 6 or older, to adults.

In order to provide unique, visually rich, and usable instructions for everybody who wants to produce these threads, we have created this set of instructions. Have fun!

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • Thread (Preferably Polyester)
  • Pair of Scissors
  • Coat Hanger
  • Duck Tape
  • Lighter
  • Charms (Optional)
  • Beads (Optional)
  • Multiple color threads can be used

Step 2: Preparing the Hanger

Place hanger on the table horizontally, leaving the hook off the edge of the table.

Step 3: Fixing the Hanger

Affix hanger to the table with duck tape, making sure it will not move.

Step 4: Preparing the Thread

Hold the end of the thread, and start looping the thread around the hook of the hanger.

The distance between your hand and the hook of the hanger should be approximately 50 centimeters (18 inches). This distance should be a little over the distance from the tip of your fingers to your elbow.

Step 5: Looping the Thread

Make seven loops in total, and cut the loose end of the thread.

Step 6: Knotting the Thread

On the end of the loose ends, pinch all the strands together.

Step 7: Knotting the Thread

Pull the strings off the hook (cylindrical object) while maintaining the pinch.

Step 8: Knotting the Thread

Tie the overhand knot about an inch from the pinched end of the strands.

Step 9: Starting the Bracelet

Hook the smaller loop back onto the hanger (or cylindrical object).

Step 10: Cutting the Loops Into Strands

On the other end of the opposite knot, cut open the 7-strand loops to create 14 strands.

Step 11: Knotting the Bracelet Together

Separate out a single strand out of the bunch and hold the other bunch with the other hand.

Step 12: Knotting the Bracelet Together

Take that strand, cross it over the other bunch to make a "4" shape.

Step 13: Knotting the Bracelet Together

Then, take the loose end and wrap it around around the bunch so that it goes through the hole that you just made.

Step 14: Knotting the Bracelet Together

Pull the knot tight by pulling the single strand towards the major knot.

Step 15: Knotting the Bracelet Together

Repeat Step 14 ten times.

Step 16: Knotting the Bracelet Together

Repeat Step 14,15 for each strand, putting the strand you are finished with back together with the other strands.

Step 17: Finishing Up

Once you have reached the desired length, separate the loose ends of the strands into two equal groups.

Step 18: Finishing Up

Tie a square knot (right over left, left over right).

Step 19: Finishing Up

Wrap it around the wrist, and then tie a square knot with two ends of bracelet.

Step 20: Finishing Up

Cut off the excess strands, and burn the end of the bracelet to make sure it doesn't come off in the long run. Enjoy!