Introduction: Kosher Dill Pickles (Hungarian Style)

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My husband loves preparing pickles in summer time and this is the recipe that we often use at home

Step 1: Method

2 1/2 kg medium sized cucumbers

250 g bread

1 big bunch of garlic

60 g salt

2 L warm water

2 bunch dill

A 3 liter jar (usually at Wholesale Canada, they sell these big jars of sauerkraut, and we saved the jars for cucumber pickles later on)

Wash the dill and cucumbers. Put 1 bunch dill on the bottom of the jar.

Cut half inch off from each ends of the cucumber. Cut 3 lines vertically on them so the salt can better saturate them.

Stack all cucumbers inside jar. Clean and peel garlic – place on top of cucumbers along with the rest of the dill.

Add salt to the warm water – taste it and add as much as you think will be salty enough for you. Pour this water into the jar. Water should be covering the cucumbers. Now put the bread on the top.

Cover mouth of the jar with a small plate. Put the jar outside in the sun. leave it for overnight.

If its really warm 3 days should be enough to ferment. Taste to check if fermentation has been done.

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