Introduction: LCD Shelf

About: Why would i buy something ready made when i can make it myself with half the features for twice the money? DIY!

Space is always at a premium around my server computer, but there is one place that is vacant. On top of the flat screen monitor. 
Its not really conducive as a storage area as it is currently. We will change this with a custom shelf.  

There is not a lot for an Instructable, so this is mainly some lousy pictures with a rotten description.
I don't have sketches or plans or size of this or that. I built it with out a tape measure, just cut everything to fit where it needed to go.
I did use a square at times but mainly to scratch my back.  

I will give you some after build measurements. This are the sizes it ended up being. L 11 5/8".  W 3 1/4".   H 4" That is the box dimensions. The " legs " do continue down farther. The best way i could say this is it fits the dimensions and form of the top of the flat screen. 

Step 1: Intended Use.

This is what the shelf was intended for. A people counter, different ible.

 I did make the shelf bigger than is needed. Who know what i might need the space for next.