Introduction: L.E.D Big Dipper

The L.E.D. Big Dipper was designed as an introduction to electric circuits. This circuit includes a resistor, L.E.D. and switch.  It demonstrates breaking a circuit and resistance.  It provides practice with wiring circuits because there are about  20 connections. This creates an electric, artistic display of the Big Dipper.              

Step 1:

Tools and Materials

1. 6 mm foam
2.7 5 mm L.E.D.
3. Telephone wire
4. Duck tape
5. Slide switch
6. Hot glue
7. 9 volt battery
8. 9 volt battery snap
9. Velcro
10. Wirer stripers/ cutters
11. 470 ohm resistor

Step 2:

Cut the foam to  5 '' by 3 1/2 '' sheets.

Step 3:

Tape the template on the foam and drill 3/64" holes on the dots.

Step 4:

Bend the short LED legs.

Step 5:

 Wrap the resistor around the black battery clip wire.

Step 6:

Push the LEDs in to the holes in the foam board.

Step 7:

Wire both legs of the first LED to the second LED and test.

Step 8:

 Repeat until the last LED and bend the long legs in the opposite direction.

Step 9:

 Wrap the red wire around the seventh long LED leg.

Step 10:

Wrap the resistor around one switch post and another wire around the other then compress each wire bunch.

Step 11:

Cover all the legs with tape.

Step 12:

Put Velcro on the side of the batteryshown.

Step 13:

 Hot glue the switch to the back.

Step 14:

Attach the battery clip.

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