Introduction: LED Blinker Using 555 IC

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Hii friend,

Today I am going to make an LED Blinker using timer IC 555.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Parts As Given in the List

Components required -

(1.) Timer IC - 555 x1

(2.) Resistor - 1K & 10K x1

(3.) Power supply - 5V DC

(4.) Capacitor - 16V 100uf

(5.) LED - 3V x2

Step 2: Connect All Components -

Connect all components on 555 timer IC as shown in picture.

NOTE: we can connect all 8-LEDs if you want then connect.

Step 3: Solder Pin 4 & 8

First connect pin 4 and 8 of 555 timer IC

Step 4: Solder All Components

Solder all components according to the circuit diagram.

Step 5: Give Power Supply

Now circuit is ready .

Give power supply 5V DC to the circuit.

Connect +Ve of power supply to pin 8 of 555 IC and

-ve of power supply to the pin 1 of 555 IC.

Now LED is starting blinking one by one.

Thank you