Introduction: LED Bulb From Household Wastes.

LED bulbs are the today's best home light. When comparing to CFL bulbs, LED consumes very less power and it is Eco friendly. Here i show that to make LED bulb from house hold wastes.

Be careful that, we working with high power supply. Make sure that you are working in safety condition. Loss concentration may leads to lethal shock.

Step 1: Components Required

Components Required are as follows,

  • Led's
  • mosquito racket
  • 100 ohm resistors
  • 10k ohm resistor
  • 470uf capacitor
  • dvd disc

From the non-working mosquito racket, we can take 1N4007 diodes and 470j 400v capacitor.

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

This circuit helps to connect the components. Here the 470j 400v capacitor acts as a voltage dropping capacitor. It converts high voltage ac supply to desired low voltage ac supply and that's based on the capacitor value used. And the capacitor resistor combination is to drop the stored energy from the capacitor when the power is off. The 1N4007 diode bridge circuit is to convert ac to dc supply and the 470uf capacitor filters the unwanted ac ripples.

The components were assembled in a PCB board as per the circuit diagram.

Step 3: Parts Assembly

  • I took plastis from my house cleaning mop.
  • Paste the dvd disc to the plastic.
  • Make holes as per the no of led's in disc.
  • Assemble the led's into the holes in disc.
  • Now connect all the led's in serial. (i.e. negative terminal of one led to positive terminal of other led.)
  • Make hole in another plastic and insert a cfl bulb connector.

I connected 16 leds in serial connection.

Step 4: Final Connection

Now connect circuit to the bulb connector and the output to the led's.

Enjoy the cool light....!