after removing original front signal lights
check how much leds you can fit inside (you can use 12v leds in paralel or 2v leds in series)
for 12v leds you can have any number of leds
for 2v leds you ned to have an multiple of 7 (to be shure that you dont blow them)

this is how the finished light looks

original light was 21W bulb
now i have 7 LEDs 0.6W

this is ideal for an electric car

follow my electric car project here

Step 1: Cutting Circuit to Size

you can use any non conductive material as support for leds (plastic)
i have used electrical test board cut to my size

Step 2: Adding LEDS

after you have the circuit cut you can begin filling LEDS to it
use as much space as you can beacuse you need maximum light

test to fit inside before making electrical connections


Step 3: Finished LED BOARD

if everything is ok
wire the leds and couple it to an 12dc alimentator
it should lit
check if there is any unlit led (or leds)
it can be blown or is in oposite polarity (you need to reposition it)

you can mount the tail ight on car

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