Introduction: LED Desk or Workbench Light

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Make a simple LED light for your desk, workbench, or living area.

Step 1: Get Your Act Together!

Sorry, this doesn't have more pictures of assembly, I made it and then thought about making a instructable.
The LEDs are from China.( sorry I hate to order from China too but I cant afford an other country)I got mine from eBay. They were about $10.00 for a roll 16.5 ft. long.
1. LEDs. Your need about 5 or 6 feet depending on the size of board you use. Its up to you what size you want.
2. The Board. I had a piece of 3/4 inch plywood lying around so I used it. It really can be any size you want depending on how many LEDs you have.
3. 12volt power converter. You can get these from good will pretty easily.

Step 2: Put Your LEDs On!

The LEDs have adhesives backing on them, but if you want to use double sided tape that's fine to. I thought I'd have to use some but the adhesive backing held. Even after it heated up it still held. I put five strips on because that's all I had left from another project. I wanted to put more on, but ran out.

Step 3: Solder Then Together.

The soldering isn't to bad, I just hooked them up in parallel. VERY IMPORTANT!!!Make sure to keep the polarity straight!!!!!

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Step 4: Your Done!!

Because of the wood you can mount it almost any way. I zip tied mine up above my workbench.

The results were great!! It doubled the light on my workbench. I've included before and after pictures of my bench.