Today I will give you my diy led emergency tube light rechargeable

I see this website after making this light so I mention only final images

But I mentioned all requirements and assembling and connection with diagram

So reply for any suggestion

Only basic skills are required like connecting all parts


1.T5 Tube light casing only (remove tube and choke from fitting)Rs.400-500

2.Cool White led strip (2.5 meter/Approx 150 Led) Rs.200/-( you can also buy led strip with adapter and remote Rs.500-600/- on ebay

3. 18650 li ion batteries 3 nos. Rs.200/pc Rs 600/-

(I used old laptop batteries and saved 600 rs)

4.12v 1 Amp Led Adapter Rs.100-150/-(link below adapter with remote)

( I bought from local market 120/-smaller the size is the best to fit in tube side casing)

5.Thick Paper/thick plastic sheet ( 2 feet) Rs.10/-

6.Wire and pin for charger socket 2 pin for attaching tube ends. 10-50/-

7.Optional remote control (with adapter Rs.120-200/ on

Ebay Link 199.86 Rs. (Remote with adapter 3 led module) 150.14/-( remote and adapter)

Total cost

Step 1: Step 1 ​Prepare Led Strip

Prepare led strip

As per length cut and joint led strip approx 30 led along length

connect in series 5 led stripe as shown in image

Stick it on thick paper suitable length/plastic sheet

Step 2: Step2 Prepare Batteries

Prepare batteries

Solder 3 li-ion 18650 batteries in series ( I used old battery from laptop)

Step 3: Step 3 Connect As Diagram

Connect all as shown in below image

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Prepare batteries

Solder 3 li-ion 18650 batteries in series ( I used old battery from laptop)

Step 4: Step 4 Dissemble Tube Light

Step 4

Remove fluorescent tube and choke from tube fitting/casing


Remove all part apart

2.0pt; line-height:115%'>Prepare batteries

Solder 3 li-ion 18650 batteries in series ( I used old battery from laptop)

Step 5: ​Step 5 Assembling/fitting

Step 5


Stick led strip 5 on thick paper/plastic sheet and insert in defusing cover

and insert 3 li ion batteries inside the aluminum base case along with adapter (small adapter 12v 1 amp )

Connect switch for charging and for on led strip as shown connection on side led strip and one side adapter

Switch will placed at the one end casing cap

Charge at least 10hr initially

It will give light for at least 12 hr as per li ion battery mah used max mah max light hours

I used 2000mah li ion from old laptop battery

Also u can use led remote to operate this light by remote for on and off function

Step 6: ​Pros and Cons

Pros and cons


Use as emergency light during power outage

Easy to use

Portable light with high brightness

Long working hours as compared to bought/purchased light as per li ion batteries used(max mah max working hrs) my works at least 12 hr

Optional remote control will add convenience for on off device


Don’t show fully charged or not no indicator

No auto cut charging charge as per understanding/ usage






01/12/2015 12:10pm