LED Foam Wall Lamp



Introduction: LED Foam Wall Lamp

Hello! Today I'm going to show you how to put some RGB LEDs in a foam block to make a wall lamp. Let's do it!

Step 1: Parts

For this project you will need:

  1. Makeblock Orion
  2. LED Strip (1)-Length of Enlcosure
  3. RJ25 Adapter Module (1)
  4. BLE Module (1)
  5. 9v Battery Pack (1)
  6. Makeblock RJ25 Connection Cables (3)
  7. Fairly large block of foam (1)

Step 2: Making the Foam Enclosure

First, you will need to make the enclosure for the LED strip. I recommend cutting out most of the foam block to leave enough room for the strip and electronics. I was fortunate enough to have a nicely sized block of pre-cut foam meant for storing mecanum wheels and some aluminum stock, so parts of the solid block were already cut out. I just used scissors to take out the walls and make a rough rectangle inside of the foam block. I left some of the foam inside as it was not completely necessary to clear out all of the foam. Once again, all you need to do clear enough foam fro the strip and electronics. You could use a foam cutter as well, just to shave off edges and burn through any glued-together layers. Anyway, on to the electronics!

Step 3: Electronics

The wiring in the images above is not entirely accurate due to the fact that I used LED modules as opposed to LED strips to generate the lighting. Anyways, first thing you will need to do is plug in one of the RJ25 connection cables in to the ports of both the RJ25 adapter module and the BLE module. Now you will need to plug in the BLE module's cable to port 5 on the Orion micro controller. After that, plug in the cable for the RJ25 adapter to port 6. Make sure to plug in the LED strip in to slot 1 on the RJ25 adapter. Now connect the Orion to power and you're ready to go. Now for operation.

Step 4: Operation

This part is also straightforward. Download the makeblock app and connect the lamp to the app through bluetooth. Don't worry, the app will walk you through that part. Afterwards, you will need to create a new project in the app. Go to the design tab and select the RGB LED wheel and that's it. Go to the play tab and you can now change the color of your brand new lamp! I hope you got some use out of this project and, as always, Happy Making!

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