Introduction: LED LAB LIGHT


For this instructable we need:

- Pvc tube

- Led strip

- Aluminium foil

- Duct tape

- A power suply

- Some cable

- Spray glue

And also these basic tools:

- A ruler

- A cutter

- Something to mark like a "Sharpie" (a cutter or an x-acto knife work better)

- A hacksaw

- A drill with a 6 mm drill bit

- A measuring tape

- A solder iron (and solder)

--------KNOWLEDGE about MATERIALS--------

Why we use led strips.

- We use led strips because they are more efficient, longer life, they don't get hot and a lot more advantages.

Step 1: MEASURE the PVC and CUT It

The first step is to cut a 90 cm of the pvc and then cut horitzontally.

The first cut is easy, use the measuring tape to cut 1 cm of one end, then measure 90 cm and cut it again. Then you should have a 90 cm pvc tube.

Finally cut the tube horizontally, to mark I recommend to hold the tube on the bench, then take anything that measures a little bit less than half of the tube, draw a line and cut it. To cut I don't recommend to use a rotary tool like I did because it's a mess, it is better to use a wood hacksaw, maybe you are going to use a few more minutes, but the cut will be fantastic.

Finally you should have two halves 90 cm tube.

Step 2: DRILL Holes in Both Ends

This step is useful to tie the light to the ceiling, so make a mark in 2 cm of both ends and drill a 6 mm hole, then drill another hole near the last hole to pass over the cable.

Step 3: PAINTING Step

The truth is that I'm terrible at painting , that's why I always leave my projects without painting, so if you have got the good painting abilities, that's your step, in the hypothetical case that you wanted to paint, you should first sand the surface before painting so that paint sits appropriately.

Step 4: Add the REFLECTIVE Layer

For this step you need newspaper or any paper to avoid leaving everything nasty, apply a lot of spray glue and then put the aluminium foil, the more shining side must be visible, you can put more than one layer, then with a sharp cutter remove the excess.

Step 5: Add the LED Strip

Finally, paste the led strip in the middle, connect all the wires with solder.


Finally you can put some duct tape in the corners of the pvc tube to prevent it from riping/tearing.

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