Introduction: LED Lantern in a Canning Jar.

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Since it is storming out i made a LED lantern.

Materials required:
4 craft sticks
some LED light strip
canning jar (i think i used a quart size)
toggle switch
9v battery
9v battery connector (not shown in video)
super glue
heat shrink tubing
electrical tape

Tools needed:
Wire cutters
Soldering iron

Enjoy the video above. Wiring diagram is on the next step. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to see more fun projects!

Step 1: Wiring

The wiring is very simple. I have horrible soldering skills but i can wire this up in 20 minutes. Connect all the positive leads to one wire and all the negative leads to the other wire.
Run the Negative wire to the negative battery connector.
Run the positive wire to the toggle switch and run a wire from the toggle switch to the positive battery connector.

Enjoy the project and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Thanks!

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