Introduction: LED Night Lamp in a Juice Carton

Hello. In this instructable, I will show how to make an original LED lamp out of materials on hand. It can be used as a night light or hangs like a toy on your Christmas tree. Making lamp takes less than 30 minutes. Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials and Electronic Components

For the making of the lamp, we need:

- Empty carton from juice with a capacity of 0.25 or 0.5 liters (choose according to your preferences);

- The power supply or charger from the mobile phone (5V DC);

- Flashing RGB-LED (or any single color or multi-color LED);

- Needle;

- Wires;

- Scotch;

- Appropriate tools (soldering iron, wire cutters, tweezers).

Step 2: Create a Pattern

Initially, we need to create a pattern on the cardboard box. You can use any picture on the carton, or print out your favorite picture and attach it to the carton.

Take the needle in your hands or in tweezers, and make holes in carton around the perimeter of pattern. Take care not to pierce your fingers!

Carry out the procedure until the image is completely perforated.

Step 3: Connect the Power Supply and LED

After creating the image, insert LED in upper hole in the carton. Connect the LED to limiting resistor. Next solder the wires to it and connect them with the power supply wires. Carefully place the wires at the back of the carton and attach them with adhesive tape.

Step 4: The Final Result

Now, you can connect the LED nightlight to the power outlet and enjoy the result.

Bright inner lighting forms due to a special internal coating of the carton.

Such a device will create a pleasant lighting and help you to fall into a deep sleep.

Good luck and happy holidays!

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