Introduction: LED Strip Amazing Effect

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We want good effects of LED strip.LED strip decor our room and when it give effects then room looks amazing.If your LED strip glow simple, then this blog is very special for you because in this blog you will learn how can we make amazing effect light of LED strip without wasting money.

In this project I will use only one LED and this project will be done.This is very cheapest project.

Let's get stated,

Step 1: Take Parts As Shown Below

For making amazing effects of LED strip project we need -

(1.) RGB LED -3V x1

(2.) LED strip

(3.) Adapter - 12V (DC)

Adapter will give 12V DC power supply to the circuit that which circuit will work.

Step 2: Connect RGB LED to LED Strip

Firstly we have to connect RGB LED to LED strip.

LED strip effect will be according to RGB LED . As we know that RGB/multi-color LED glowing with red , blue and green with effect. So when we will connect this LED in series then LED strip will also glow like as multi-color LED.

Connect +ve wire of LED strip to -ve wire of multi-color LED as solder in the picture.

Step 3: Now Connect Power Supply Wire

Next we have to connect 12V power supply wire to the circuit.

Connect +ve wire of power supply to +ve leg of LED and

-ve wire of power supply to -ve wire of LED strip as solder in picture.

Step 4: LED Strip Effects

As you can see in picture the effects of LED strip.

LED strip will blink according to multi-color LED.

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LED strip give really amazing effects so try to make this project.

Thank you