Introduction: Sound Reactive LED Strip

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Hii friend,

Today i am going to make very interesting circuit that is a sound reactive LED strip.LED strip will glow according to the music.This circuit is amazing.It will increase the lightning of room.

Let's get started,

Step 1: Take All Materials As Show Below

Materials required -

(1.) LED strip x1

(2.) Resistor - 1M x1

(3.) Resistor - 10K x2

(4.) Capacitor - 63V 1uf x1

(5.) Transistor - BC547 x2

Step 2: Connect All Components

Firstly we have to connect all components according to the circuit diagram.

This circuit diagram is roughly that is design according to suitable of components.

Connect all components carefully.

Components should not be connect different according to the diagram.

Step 3: Complete Circuit After Connected Components

Its circuit will look like this circuit.

Step 4: Now Connect Mic

Next we have to connect mic in the circuit.

Solder +ve wire of mic to +ve of capacitor and

Connect -ve wire of mic to the emmiter of transistors as you can see in the picture.

Step 5: Connect LED Strip Wire

Next connect LED strip wire to the circuit as solder in the picture.

Connect LED strip wire to the circuit according to the circuit diagram.

Step 6: Now Connect Power Supply Wire

Now we have to connect power supply wire to the circuit according to the circuit diagram.

As you can see I solder in the circuit.


This circuit is very easy to use.

Give power supply to the circuit and play a song near the mic of this circuit.

As you will observe that LED strip is glowing according to the music.

Thank you