Introduction: LEGO Home/Decoration Hidden Conpartment

Do you ever have something to hide?Simply follow the instructions and here’s your solution!


A lot of blocks that equal 2 by 4
2 bases as big as you want
A door
Door frame

Step 1: Starting the House

Start putting your 2 by 4 blocks on one one of your blocks!

Step 2: On Comes the Door

On your second row, make sure you leave just the wright length to snap that door in place!

Step 3: Almost There

Continue step 1 and stop when you like the size of the house!

Step 4: The Final Thing

The house won’t be a hidden Conpartment if it doesn’t have a roof! Take that second base and use it as a roof!

Step 5: Decoration

Add some people and decoration so it will blend in!

Step 6: NOTE

Make sure the roof can be opened so you can anything in it!