LGBT Freedom Flag Ornament

Introduction: LGBT Freedom Flag Ornament

Finished product in top left corner, spread out pieces below and to the right

Step 1: Short Stripes

Short stripes x6: l*W*H=37.85mm*3.85mm*2.50mm, each for ROY G BI. Arrange as first 6 stripes of American flag. Top Red stripe could have a hole-cylinder of 1mm radius in order to tie string or hang.

Step 2: Long Stripes

Long stripes x7: 69.87mm*3.85mm*2.50mm V ROY G BP(ink). Arrange under short stripes as on an American flag

Step 3: Rectangle Star/Equality Backdrop

Upper left corner flag/equal spot: Dark Purple,


Step 4: Equality

Equal, in Purple rectangle: yellow, 12.82mm*4.49mm*2.50mm

Step 5: 32 States

32 stars for 32 states with gay marriage, white. 2.56mm*2.56mm*2.50mm

Step 6: Add the Text: "LGBT Freedom Flag"

While the US claims to be the "Land of the Free", this flag, while not exact or perfect, is a more accurate representation of the land of the free for LGBT individuals

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for sharing your creation. It would be good to see a photo of the finished product. I'm looking forward to your flag soon having all 50 stars on it. However a similar flag representing all US states having LGBT employment non-discrimination protection currently has only 18 stars on it. Most Americans don't know that you can still be legally fired (without recourse) just for being LGBT in 32 states. Hope that Congress passing ENDA changes that soon....


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Very interesting about the 18 states with LGBT employment non-discrimination protection. I hadn't known about that or the other flag when I made this. This was supposed to go into the White House ornament competition because I wanted some statement to be made, but my internet connection didn't allow me to access it last night. Maybe an interesting flag could be something like 32 stars for marriage equality, and 18 stripes for employment. Just a quick thought, though. I hope to make more TinkerCAD designs and Instructables with messages in them soon. thanks for the feedback and info!