Introduction: LPS/doll Necklaces

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This necklaces can be used for LPS(littlest pet shop) or small dolls, when I say small dills I mean barbie and smaller any bigger!

This is also cheap as you don't have to buy the expensive already made ones!;)


Step 1: What Do I Need?...

You will need:

  1. small bead
  2. x8 smaller beads(depending on the size)
  3. wire
  4. pliers

Step 2: The Beads

So get your beads and place half of the small ones on. Then put on the slightly bigger one on, the rest of the small ones can now go on.

!NOTE! there should be some wire with no beads on it.

Step 3: The Extra Wire

Now use your pliers to hoop the extra wire to keep the beads on(see in last picture)

Step 4: Hay U

Now bend the necklaces in to a U shape but curl the ends in a little bit.

Step 5: Finished!!!

You are now finished! The only advise I will give you is that when you put the necklaces on your doll or LPS you push it in to make sure it stays on!

Step 6: Others

These are just some other ones I made:)

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