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La Jiao Jiang is a hot chili condiment for use in authentic Chinese dishes.

Step 1:

10 hot peppers

1 head garlic, minced or sliced

2 tbls peanut oil

1 tbls grey salt

1 tbls rice vinegar

Chop the peppers in a mini food processor, try to minimize contact with hot peppers.

Use your kitchen fan and open your windows.

Whatever you do, do not touch your face!

Step 2:

Heat pan, and the oil and a dash of salt.

Add the peppers and let them sizzle for a few minutes, stirring frequently.

Once the peppers have begun releasing their juices, lower the heat and add the garlic.

After two minutes add the vinegar.

Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until peppers are darker.

Step 3:

Cool and store in a 6 oz glass canning jar in the fridge.

Great on Raman, Kung Pow, and dumplings.

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    6 years ago

    Hot stuff! Does grey salt mean salt that's not iodized?


    Reply 6 years ago

    Yes, there is no iodine added.


    Reply 6 years ago

    "Grey salt is a "moist" unrefined sea salt, usually found in the Brittany region of France's Atlantic coast. Its natural light grey color comes from the minerals absorbed from the clay lining the salt ponds. The salt is collected by hand using traditional Celtic methods and wooden tools."

    I like this salt for this project because it keeps some of it's crunch, it doesn't totally dissolve, and it's got a great flavor.