La Mitad Del Mundo by Luciana

Introduction: La Mitad Del Mundo by Luciana

To do this project, I was inspired by the monument of the middle of the world. I choose this monument because it seems very significant in the country of Ecuador. I worked with the tinkercad application, it is an application that allows me to build what I want in 3d and I find it very useful when it comes to recreating things. Making a 3d replica of the monument can be a bit difficult, but in these simple steps, you can do it just like me!!

Step 1: Choosing the Shapes

first i decided that the easiest way to recreate the monument of the middle of the word was to chose basic shapes to form it.I looked through the shapes that tinkercad has and chose the sphere, pirámids, cubes and wedges to create it

Step 2: Arranging the Shapes

Next I had to arrange the shapes in order for my project to look clean. I created as many shapes were necessary and lined them up correctly. It ended up looking a lot like the original monument

Step 3: Final Details

To finish I wanted my piece to look almost exactly as the real monument for La mitad del Mundo. Therefore, I included as many details as posible for example, I added the plaques in the monument and included the letters simulating the cardinal points. I also added lines on the floor which are the borders between each half of the world and that is it. This was a really fun protect !

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