Introduction: Lady Bug Cookies

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I was making unicorn poop from for our Thanksgiving feast... I know, awesome thing to have for Thanksgiving!...and I decided to experiment with the dough. Nana really loves ladybugs and since she is cooking most of the food, I decided to make some ladybug cookies.

1. Every thing listed in the cookie recipe on the link above to make the dough ( ive copied the photo from kristylynn84 for easier reference)and the edible glitter stuff if you want glittery bugs
2. cooking ware like measuring cups, bowls, mixer, etc.
3. sprinkles or icing for eyes. We used the pearls things pictured

Step 1: Lady Bug Cookies

1. Follow the recipe and make the dough.
2. seperate the dough into four parts and color each part. We did red, yellow, blue, and green.
3. chill dough for an hour
4. Out of each color make 3 different sized balls. One for the body, head , and spots

Step 2: Lady Bug Cookies

1. Slightly flatten a body a ball to make a flat bottom
2. use you fingers to make a little indent in the top for the head
3. place a head ball in the indent
4. spread the dough from the head ball into the body ball to connect the head
5. tear tiny pieces from the spots ball and press them into the body to make spots
6.  arrange ladybugs on pan to bake at 400 for 8 minutes

Step 3: Lasdy Bug Cookies

Finishing touches

After they have baked and cooled a tiny bit, add the sprinkle eyes(or frosting)

sprinkle them with the edible glitter if youd like and enjoy!