Introduction: Lamborghini Phone Case (Silly Solutions)

I'm Josiah and that☝ is a Lamborghini phone case.

I made it because noticed that most phone cases are either super boring or cheep and break immediately. So to solve this problem i created a phone case that is cool looking and can actually fit a phone. And the material that 3D printers use is like plastic so it will protect your phone. Also make sure that the design you choose is long and flat.


Access to a computer

Step 1: Get the Design

In order to get the case you first have to make (or find) the design. If you want to make a case like mine then first go to Tinkercad and search Lamborghini and click the one that says original Lamborghini and copy and tinker. Once you've done that it should look like that. If you want to make your own design make sure it is mostly flat and long of course depending on the size of your phone it can be longer or shorter than mine.

Step 2: Make the Template

After you have the design you've got to make the template for the case. In order to do that you need to first make get a cylinder and a cylinder hole and do what i did above. And then make a curve out of a circle and repeat that 4 times then make a nearly flat rectangle and put it in the middle and you should get something like the second picture.

Step 3: Merging the Car and Case Part 1

This is one of the more difficult steps because you actually have to merge the car or other design and case. The first step in doing this is copying and pasting the phone case. Now that you have two phone cases turn one of them into a hole like in the first picture. Next put the phone case hole into the Lamborghini so that the case is barely inside the car so that it lines up with the bottom of the car. For that step you may have to make the Lamborghini larger depending on the size of your phone case. As you can see, the gray area of the second picture is were the hole is.

Step 4: Merging Car and Case Part 2

Once you have part one of this completed you can select the car and case hole then group them. Now you should be able to take the bottom of the Lamborghini off. Now the final part of this step you have to put the other phone case in the Lamborghini then group them. After that is should look like the picture up there☝.

Step 5: Sizing

Now comes the complex part, Sizing. this is also the most important step because without it the case wouldn't fit your phone. So in order to make it the corect size you will have to go to the website by the company that made your phone. (the links are listed below)

Step 6: Sizing Part 2

Now that you have the size of your phone its time to make the case the correct size. And to do that you need the get a regular square block then look at the length of the phone and as you see in the 1st picture above change the length of the block to equal the length of the phone. Next you need to make the edge of the case line up with the edge of the square and it should look like the second picture. Now you need to make it the correct width, and to do that you need to find the phones width then make the block equal to the width of the phone. Then it should look like the third picture. The final part of this step is to make the edge of the case lined up with the block after that is should look like picture 4. Once that is done you can go onto the final step.

Step 7: Final Touches

For the last and final step we need to make the holes for a cell phone charger, volume, and power buttons. in order to do that you need to find out were those buttons and charger go. To do that just look at your phone and you should be able to find the quickly. Then get a square hole and put it were those buttons are on the case relative to your phone. it should look something like the first picture. Then group everything and make the color the way you like and it should look like the rest of the pictures.

Now at long last you've made a Lamborghini phone case. Hopefully you found this project as a fun and entertaining way to make a cool phone case.

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